Can I upload old emails into my Yahoo Mail account?
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Is there a way I can upload old emails into my Yahoo account? I was previously using Thunderbird as my client but now want to exclusively use Yahoo webmail, and would like to have my 'Sent' mail and the contents of a couple of other email folders that I've downloaded locally to be available online.

Short of just emailing everything to my account and setting up filters to sort everything, is there another, easier way of doing this? I know Gmail has IMAP now? Is there anything I could use for Yahoo mail?

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Since POP3 is specifically oriented around _not_ storing things on the server, you really need IMAP. Unfortunately, people have been after Yahoo for a while to provide IMAP service to at least the paying users, to no avail. In the recent past, Yahoo offered a beta IMAP server, but they took it down. Some other people have tried guessing their way on to Yahoo's servers with mixed results.

In other words, it might be possible, but it's going to hard. On another note, are you sure you want to do this? If you ever wanted to switch away from Yahoo, you'd have to pay them for POP3 access to get your mail. Gmail might not be your first choice, but it's free and has the protocols you want. Either way, good luck with your mail problems.
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I'd second Gmail instead- especially as they just added IMAP.
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To get your messages into Yahoo ...
You could create a GMail account, import the messages into Gmail with IMAP and outlook express and then use the Add an External Mail Account feature of Yahoo to download the messages from Gmail.

Or you could just use Gmail. It does rock.
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