How can I make my sheraton more awesome?
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I want to make my Epiphone Sheraton II sound as close to a Gibson ES-335 as possible. Suggestions?

I was thinking of replacing the pickups with a gibson '57 classic, and a '57 classic plus, as well as adding a Mojo prewired ES-335/3 way boutique assembly and a new bone nut. Am I forgetting anything? Or might there be something that would work better?
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I don't have a direct answer, but in case you're not familiar with them, Birds and Moons and The Gear Page are great message boards with some very knowledgeable members.
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sell the epiphone, pocket the money you'd spend on pickups etc., and start saving for hte real thing!
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Sounds good to me. I doubt you really need the wiring harness, the stock Sheraton wiring is adequate. The Epi bridge is a little rattly and tinny; you might consider changing it out for a heavier, better-quality one.

You doing this yourself or paying someone to do it?
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Install better quality capacitors on the tone controls when changing the pickups.
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