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OK, in the vein of kinda wasting a question but I really want to know: Anyone know either where can I find a non-resized version of this wallpaper or a link to where I can snag the original photo and make my own version?
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Looks like the inset photo may have come from headphone fetish. The other one is a default background that comes with OS X called Aqua Blue.
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Best answer: Well, it says the photograph's name right on it - nodate. Here's the largest size he's uploaded in his deviant art gallery. If you want it larger you could contact him. The photo is called "I love music". Here's a link directly to the photo itself.
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Response by poster: Thanks Folks,
I searched on nodate, but didn't think to do so on DeviantArt...
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No problem. I didn't search at DA either, I just googled nodate photos and it was the third return.
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