Carrying for a new Tattoo
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Tattoo care: On Thursday I'm getting another tattoo, on the "outside" part of my arm. On Friday I'm going to a crowded concert. Do I risk damaging the tattoo if it gets sweaty and repeatedly bumped over the course of a few hours?
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Naw, just make sure you lotion it up good before, during, and after the show (with whatever tattoo goo your artist says). Drink lots of water. It might sting of someone bumps you.
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Shellac it up with triple biotic ointment and you should be good to go.
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I'm no expert, but just maybe you should be thinking of, you know, other people, the ones you may be exposing to your bodily fluids?
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Unless if the tattoo person does a horrid job, there shouldn't be any bodily floods on Friday (my experience at least).
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I don't have any tattoos, but I lived with a tattoo-artist in college, who had all sorts of tattoos. Two things she did were:

1: not drinking for a week


2: keeping the thing wrapped in clear plastic of some sort for something like a week. If it's wrapped, and treated with gunk as though it's a wound (which it is) it doesn't seem like it should get hurt.
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I wouldn't recommend keeping it wrapped in plastic for a week. The tattoo artist should put a bandage/pad over it, which they normally tell you to let the next day's shower wash off and keep uncovered. Keep it really well lotioned/moist (my guy recommends A & D baby ointment, and it has worked the best for me out of all other recommendations). I agree that your tattoo shouldn't be releasing bodily fluids after 24 hours unless the artist fucked up or unless the scab is opened. There should only be blood during the procedure. The sweat is not going to affect the tattoo, but repeated bumping might. The tattoo will form a scab over it, which normally will slough off naturally when kept lotioned. If you've ever picked at a healing tattoo (made that mistake once!!) you'd notice that picking the scab before it heals lifts the color out of the skin. If you are repeatedly bumped, you could risk opening the wound and/or pulling the scab off prematurely, which will distort the lines and colors. I would suggest trying to find a less aggressive section of the crowd to be in for the night (or wearing a long sleeve shirt in case you do open the wound and as NortonDC said, you don't want to be bleeding on people.
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Will sun light, like laying out at the pool, have an affect on a fresh tattoo? Told it fades it.
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Sun will have an affect on *any* tattoo, new or old. Make sure you give it ample attention with the sunblock.
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You should be fine. If you're concerned, though, slap ample neosporin on it and tape som seran wrap over it, but only for the show. It's gotta breathe to heal.
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Indeed, it's not recommended to keep a new tattoo bandaged for more than four or five hours.
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With tattoos, safe is always better than sorry. Typically, by Friday you won't be wrapped in Saran anymore. I'd do my best to avoid the sweaty masses at the concert, you're in the stage where you don't want to get the tattoo wet or touch it at all. For those suggesting neosporin or triple biotic lotion, my shop generally forbids ppl from using these so I wouldn't use them unless instructed to.

Your safest bet is to talk to the shop. Any reputable one will be able to give you detailed aftercare instructions and suggest what to do in your situation.
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Response by poster: Thanks to all of you for the help, I really appreciate it.
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