Who makes comfy track pants for short people?
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Short women: can you recommend a comfy pair of track pants with appropriately-sized legs?

My wife is short (5'1" or so). Her Christmas list includes a pair of adidas track pants for lounging about in. She tried a pair on at the store, which she found exceptionally comfortable, but which went about a foot beyond her feet.

I thought of ordering a pair and having them hemmed by a tailor, but (a) that seems absurd for a pair of track pants, and (b) many pairs have zippers at the bottom so that may be complicated.

There must be short-person super-comfy track pants, but I am having trouble finding them. I am not brand loyal to adidas; any brand suggestion is welcome. Can you help?
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It really isn't that absurd to have them hemmed. Pop in to your local dry cleaners and they can probably do it pretty cheaply. If you want it to be a surprise, just measure a pair of her pants that you know fits her well and take that with you.

Finding short-legged gym pants is hard. Save yourself the headache.

5'3" and stepping on pant legs for life!
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Seriously, $6-10 to tailor at most places. Some stores do in house tailoring for free if you buy clothes there (JCrew, Nordstrom, Lululemon) but generally the items will cost more than the cost of the track pants anywhere else. Zippers are not that complicated.
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5'1" reporting in.

Do they absolutely have to be Adidas track pants? Would another brand or yoga pants do? A search for "petites" and your keywords might help. For example, I found these yoga pants for $19.99. The inseam is 29", which should be fine for most short women.
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Title Nine sells a few things in Petite. I also saw Petite athletic pants at Target recently, but they don't appear to be online.
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5'2" reporting in.

Also check for capri versions. They're perfect for us shorties. I got my perfect length track pants at either Target or Walmart in the sports / casual section.
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I don't know what size your wife is, but I'm 5' nothing, and about 100 lbs. The best fitting pair of track-type pants I have I bought in the kids section of Kmart, I believe they're a size 12 or 14. Sometimes you run into trouble with them being obnoxious colors or having childish patterns, but the pair I have are just solid black with a bit of pink around the waistband only and they are the absolute perfect length for me.

If this could be an option for your wife, I imagine more upscale stores would have a better selection of non-obnoxious children's pants than Kmart.
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5'1" and 3/4 reporting in.

If they have to be Adidas track pants, I would buy a pair and get them hemmed, it's not that hard. You can shorten a zipper on RTW (ready to wear) clothes no problem.

Champion has capri pants that fit pretty well, you can order them online or go to Target.
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Title Nine is a good source; Athleta also carries a large selection of petite-length activewear.
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I'm 4'8" (yes, really) and even sporty capris are long (as pants) on me. I get them at Target.

Hemming track pants doesn't make them look nearly as weird as DIY hemming jeans.
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5'1" here. I've had decent luck with petite pants from REI and also Land's End, as well as Title Nine. Either pants labeled "petite" or capris have been my best bets.
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rhoticity, not to hijack, but if you DIY jean hems this way, they don't look weird. You can also ask a tailor for original hem which is a little more expensive.
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Seconding Land's End. I buy their petite pants for my 5'3" mom and they are just the right length for her.
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