Sightseeing Santa Rosa, CA
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Fun/quirky/hip things to do in Santa Rosa or Sonoma County in a day trip from the East Bay?

Not too interested in wineries, but anything else that might catch the attention of a typical Metafilter member? Anything from breathtaking hikes (metaphorically, not physically) to nice/peculiar museums or unique shopping, etc. Bonus points for best taco truck.
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Best answer: You must go to Wild Flour Bakery (sorry don't know how to make a link) in Freestone. Osmosis Spa across the street is amazing too. Downtown Occidental is cute, quaint, and hip. There's a street, smack in the middle of downtown- which is two blocks or so (perpendicular to the main street, it's also the street that the nature center is on - I can't think of the name). Follow that all the way to the end and hit the ocean, it's amazing.
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Best answer: Check out California Carnivores. It's way cool, fun, and quirky.
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(And I think the nature center healthyliving is referring to is the Occidental Ecology Center. There was a really cool article about it in the SF Chron a couple weeks ago.)
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Best taco truck is at the 128 east offramp from 101 north of Santa Rosa. NY Pie at 4th and Brookwood in Santa Rosa is my favorite spot for NY style pizza in the bay area. You can go up to Salt Point state park to wander around along the coast (while you're there you can also forage for mushrooms or dive for abalone if either is your thing).
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Oh goodness, please go to Willi's Wine Bar. Sit out back and get the flight of wine paired with cheeses, then move on to lots of different tapas. This is not a "locals" recommendation, so others may poohpooh me, but it was one of the highlights of my Cali honeymoon. We spent an entire afternoon/evening there, talking with waiters and patrons. I'd love to go back.
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If you like fine craft beer, Russian River Brewing Company in downtown Santa Rosa has the best beer ever.
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You could go to the Charles Schulz museum.
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Best answer: Cornerstone Gardens, in Sonoma.
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Best answer: Fantastic hiking in the redwoods at Armstrong Woods in Guerneville, about 20 minutes outside of Santa Rosa.
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Forgot to mention: I second healthyliving's recommendation of the bakery in Freestone. The fougasse and sticky buns are outstanding and usually fresh from the oven if you arrive in the morning. Check the opening hours before you head out there, though.
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Best answer: nth Armstrong Woods, Occidental Ecology Center and Wild Flour Bakery, but a nay on Russian River Brewery, head north a few miles and hit Bear Republic Brewery in Healdsburg. Other suggestions include getting lost on West Sonoma County backroads and finding wine bars and hiking spots on your own. Underwood Bar and Bistro is a good place to start as it is in the direction of many places listed above.
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Forgot to mention taco truck recommendations: El Favaritos is the best taqueria in the area in my opinion and at night directly across the street is the superb taco truck that you have been looking for.
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Response by poster: Thanks for all the great suggestions! You made our day. We started off at Wild Flour Bakery (got some very tasty bread), went back to Sebastopol for the flea market (not recommended off-season!), antique market, and California Carnivores. Then we doubled back to Occidental, hung out in town for a little while then drove out to the beach. We skipped dinner, but will certainly be back out to try some of the restaurants (where's El Favaritos? I couldn't find anything on the web about it).

If anyone's still around, what's there to do at the ecology center? I couldn't seem to figure out what to do other thank take a tour, which aren't offered in winter.

Thanks, it was a great time!
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