Something to carry my stuff in
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I'm looking for a new gym bag.

I want something basic (no logos or anything that looks like it belongs on the space shuttle), high-quality, and preferably canvas. Oh, and not ridiculously expensive.

I'd appreciate your suggestions.

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Check military surplus stores.

Something like this or this?
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I'm a fan of the

Ogio locker bag

but it could arguably blend in a background shot of the space shuttle cabin.
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I recently switched to a mountain hardware daypack which I love, but I don't wear if I have a suit on.

I have gone through about 10 in the last five years. I am, I will admit, looking for something I will never find in a gym bag. This is my longest relationship yet.

a few years ago on the train:
Mrs HotBot "blah, blah, blah"
Shot: "uh huh"
Mrs HotBot "Are you listening to me...Are you checking out that guy's gym bag?

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I really like my semi new eagle creek bag. it is the one with the arrow next to it. i got it in sienna. nice and heavy duty.
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I bought this one from Zappos and it's been the perfect gym bag. It's got two side pockets. One large enough to stick sweaty clothes in and the other is the right size for wallet, keys and cellphone.
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Best answer: I've had the Fitness Saq for a few months, I'm very satisfied with it. Like many gym bags, it has the usual pockets, places for sweaty clothes, shoes, etc., but it also has a dedicated water bottle holder which is really convenient.
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