Specialized clothing production?
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TextileIndustryFilter: Who do I contact to have custom hoodies made?

I am trying to start a clothing company and I know almost nothing about who to go to in order to have the clothing items (hoodies) produced. Who do I contact to have specialty items like this made? I'm going far beyond screen-printing or ebroidery, here.
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You gonna have to do some major research if your serious about this endeavor. Some people start of making their own, with patters and have knowledge of textiles.

Also, this may seem weird, but you could try to contact hoodie labels you like and see how they started or inquire about where to get answers.

A lot of products are also made in, as I'm sure you know, China, India, Pakistan.. but this more than likely, will involve you going to the factories to make sure everything is correct. I'm not sure where you are located, but asking around in the Fashion District of NYC may help? Basically, talk to everone + anyone you can and research research research.
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Custom Logo Sportswear will work with you. But you've got to do some volume, for custom patterns and construction to pay off. Like, 2,000+ dozen units. If price is not an object, and you don't need machinery dependent details like knitted cuffs on jersey sleeves, you might get short sample runs done by custom fleecewear cutters. Or, if you've got some hot design, and are looking for a full make/marketing partnership, approach a family firm like Columbia Sportswear.

You haven't given us nearly enough information to be useful in suggesting specifics.
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If you're talking about having your own garmets manufactured, you want to search for cut-and-sew houses. Alternatively, you can try to make (or pursue) contacts within the industry and find out where items you like were made.
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Alternative Apparel is another company that I think can work with you. The first link is to their stock hoodies, this one is to their custom info.

Disclaimer: I have no affiliation with them, but I do own a nice Anders Parker T-Shirt made by them.
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Your first step is to find a cut-and sew (also know as CMT for cut/make/trim) operation that is willing to work with you. Be very upfront about the units you will realistically make and the samples you will need otherwise you will fight and scream over prices later and that's no fun. You will need to send them the fabric you purchase so make sure you have that arranged. If you don't then ask them where the bulk of their other customers fabric comes from.

I cannot stress enough that you need to be able to work well with this factory because when (not if) things go wrong you want to be able to sort it out so that no-one loses money. That means that ideally they should be local. Once you've made enough money you'll want your core stuff made off-shore anyway and your quick turnaround fashion stuff done here.

If you want any more info feel free to email me.
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Dude, if you go into the hoodie business, you should make hoodie tuxes and suits. I think it's an idea whose time has come.
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