Ghost Doctor?
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I am going to visit a doctor, but my Bluecross Blueshield/billing will not show his name and instead will show the doctor he reports to (according to the frond desk person), since he isn't in today. Sounds kind of strange to me. Is there anything I should be asking/should be aware of? (Or is this normal?)
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Could be a PA you are seeing and the billing MD is his supervisor. Could be that they put the billing doc as your PCP (whoever you signed up w/ originally) no matter who you see on any given day. It doesn't strike me as odd.
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not unusual at all. i went to a multi-doctor gynecology practice in new york, and saw my "official" doctor only one time out of five. i have no idea how they work it out among themselves, but it was always billed to my "official" doctor and it seemed like standard practice.

likewise with my primary care.
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Where I'm working, the fellows' names don't necessarily show up on the reports; their attending doctor does.

So it's 'Dr S, Dr C attending' on some of the paperwork, but for the billing, we bill to Dr C. We can't bill to fellows when they're acting as fellows (specialist clinic) and not as attendings (more general doctorin'). Dr S and Dr C will consult on the patient's care, either while the patient is still in the room, or in the afternoon.
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Hmm, I had a friend who was seeing a GYN who was not officially listed anywhere, and it was because she had to be under another doc's supervision due to a number of malpractice cases against her. I think they are obligated to tell you this if you ask directly.
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Perfectly normal. This is how BC/BS rolls. Usually the main or head Dr is on the paperwork but you'll still be covered. Had that same question about a year ago. Don't fret.
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Response by poster: All went well - thank you all!
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