MiniDV camcorder advice please!
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I'm in the (UK) market for a MiniDV camcorder. Ideally I want one with an interval rec feature so I can use it for making time lapse films. Does anyone know of a low-ish budget model that has this please?
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My cameras never had stop-motion capabilities but some editing apps do (or used to, in the case of Premiere). Interesting, since Adobe acquired Simple Magic they may have that ability once again.

The idea was that you'd hook up your camera to the computer via firewire and use the software to control the camera recording. I tried it out once in the old Premiere 5.x days just to see how it worked but that was it. I've wanted to use it since but Adobe yanked that feature out of 6.x and later releases.

Frankly, that's a feature I don't see listed on camera specs much.
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Your question got me thinking, so I did a little research. This discussion mentions some Sony model that do time-lapse, not to mention the very nice GL2 (GM2 in UK?). Didn't know that about the GL2. Guess my GL1 is getting old!
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