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Suggestions for places to take interesting photos in Honolulu/Oahu over Christmas

I will be in Honolulu over Christmas for a (large) family vacation. This trip is a bit last minute for me and I have not had much time to read up. I was last in Hawaii about 25yrs ago now.

I am an amateur photographer and I am looking for suggestions of places to take some interesting (not the usual tourist) pictures anywhere on Oahu. I prefer exteriors/landscapes/nature photography but neat or interesting architecture is fine as well. I will have a car for the entire time I am there and definitely want to get out of Honolulu and around the island. I will a have a lot of my gear (tripod etc). Any thoughts or suggestions? (if you can link to Google Maps, even better) Thanks.
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You have to drive up to the North Shore and take pictures of the waves and surfers. It's amazing.

To get there, drive up the road that goes along the east side of the island. As you go you'll pass several great places to stop for pictures. There's an awesome cemetary/temple along there (sorry I can't remember name or exact location, but you'll know it when you see it. Ooops. found it.), and as you get further up the coast there are a lot of shrimp shacks by the side of the road. You should stop at these for the delicious delicious shrimp, but they also make for good photos.
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Climb to the top of Diamond Head - fabulous views.
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LOST sets!
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the open air lobby of the Halekulani is quite beautiful and lives up to its name (It means "House Befitting Heaven" in Hawaiian. The Moana Surfrider is just down the street from the Halekulani is very stately. It's the oldest hotel on Oahu and the original central part of the hotel is still furnished as it was. It has a great outdoor area around a huge Banyan tree.

Have fun on the trip.
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It is touristy, but Hanauma Bay is amazing. You'll get great pics from the top.
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pali lookout, and I second Hanauma Bay.
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Response by poster: Thanks for the info everyone.
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Response by poster: If anyone is still reading this or has it bookmarked/favourited, here is a link to the pictures I took.
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