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I have to buy 8 identical ( different sizes ) dress shirts for the groomsmen in a wedding, along with 8 ties. The color required is a little out of the ordinary ( cream ). Where is a great place for men's dress shirts and ties in NYC / Manhattan. I don't need anything bespoke like Thomas Pink, but it should be good quality. Help the groomsmen look good in Manhattan.
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There's a custom shirt maker on the west side of Grand Central Station... though I've never used the place myself.

Along madison avenue in the 40's there are a lot of different places at various price points, Brooks Brothers, Joseph A. Banks, Mens Wearhouse, and others (Including one of the NYC Thomas Pink stores that does made to measure shirts at 520 Madison). Then there are of course the various department stores...

We should note that "made to measure" is not the same as "bespoke". See:
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Are you sure you can't rent them?
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Rothman's carries some good quality stuff.
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Brooks Brothers is a safe bet, as they generally have a discount on multiple shirt purchases, the quality is high, and I'm guessing they'd have cream colored shirts in stock. There's one on 5th ave around 53rd.
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That color isn't out of the ordinary... When I went wedding dress shopping with a friend recently, I found out that it's apparently fashionable for the groomsmen's shirts to be the same color as the wedding dress. So, if the dress is ivory or cream or whatever, you can buy groomsmen's shirts to match. They sold them at all of the wedding dress shops.
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Thomas Pink shirts are not bespoke (though they may offer that service). Though they are expensive.

I'd try Century 21 first. It's hit-or-miss, but if they have what you're looking for, it'll be much cheaper than anywhere else. Beware the crowds this time of year. If you strike out there, Brooks Brothers is across the street.
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You might try Andrew's Ties, two locations in Manhattan. I bought my groomsmen ties from the Philadelphia store, and they had lots of dress shirts as well.
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We got our groomsmen shirts at Nordstrom. I'd recommend there or a Nordstrom Rack.

Wherever you go, you need to make sure you have all their measurments before hand. We only had three guys and finding matching Suits, Shirts and Shoes that were available in all their sizes was non-trivial.

Furthermore make sure wherever you get them isn't going to run out of backstock anytime soon because at least two of your groomsmen will LIE TO YOU about their size.
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Also, remember, nobody is going to look at their shirts all that closely. They'll be under jackets for the ceremony and at a distance, so they don't have to fit 100% and they don't even really need to be the exact same material. Ideally everyone will be looking at you.
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Ideally everyone will be looking at [THE BRIDE].

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Yeah, more poor gramatical choices on my part. By "you" I meant "you two" or, if you're in the south, "all ya'll what gettin' hitched."
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'all ya'll' is grammatically incorrect, or at least that's how I was taught in my southern home. It's actually y'all, a contraction of 'you all', negating the use of the leading 'all'.

And don't forget SYMS - massive stock, lots of sizes, and pretty decent quality. 2 locations in Manhattan to serve you...
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Oh, the irony.
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