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I'm looking at the Korg Kaoss Pads. A new Kaoss Mini-KP costs about the same as a used Kaoss KP2. If anyone has experience with both of them, I would love for you to share your thoughts on their relative merits.

The MIDI would be useful but is not necessarily a dealmaker, depending on other factors.

I tried some Googling for articles and stuff, but found mostly comparisons between the Mini and the more recent KP3.
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I don't have experience with both of them, just the KP-2.

The looping function on the Mini looks neat, but the MIDI-out is the only reason I haven't sold my KP2. In the end, the 99 effects wear out really fast. You can't really change them. The finger control pad that it provides me is worth much more.

Now, I'm a producer and not a dj, so that may make a difference for you. The small size is attractive (though I just can't imagine busting out a KP+synth on the street or bus). If you're into music production, you should really be checking out a KP2/3.
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Everything I've read about the Mini leads me to think it's not going to be a long-term, professional piece of equipment, whereas the KP2 has barely devalued at all on the second hand market.

I'm not seeing any indication that the Mini has any on-board sampling capabilities, either.

Finally, I think the layout on the KP2 is a lot more intuitive.

Those three points, plus the lack of MIDI, ended any interest I had in the Mini. Maybe if it was $99.99.
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Not my area of expertise, but since you don't seem to be getting many responses - perhaps check out gearslutz.com? My partner, who's a recording engineer / producer, seems to think that's the best place around for getting reviews or suggestions about gear. I don't know if there's a DJ contingent over there if that's what you're looking for, but still, I'd think you might find some useful posts.
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