Do you like your Dalselv bedframe from Ikea?
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Do you like your Dalselv bedframe from Ikea? Does it wobble or is it very stable? Did you finish/paint it, or did you leave it bare?
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I like mine. It's stable, but I've had to replace one of the bolt things after 3 years due to stripping the screwhole during the third assembly. I didn't paint it.

One thing I did have to do was use double-sided tape to stop the slats from rotating in place and falling below the railings. If you use a real box spring it won't be a problem.
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I used to have that bed. I inherited it from my boyfriend, who used it for two years. Then I used it for three years and then sold it to avoid having to move it out of the house. It was stable and non-noisy and generally a pretty excellent bed for the dough he spent. We moved it down the hall once and it was a non-hassle to reassemble, even sans instructions. We didn't finish or paint it. A++++ would buy again.
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Like 0xFCAF's frame, the slats on ours used to fall down annoyingly often until we stuck some dowels between the slats where they meet in the middle so they don't slip past each other. And the piece of wood that runs down the center of the frame has broken in two different places and required metal brackets to keep it together. Both of these problems I attribute to non-sleep activities.

But, it's inexpensive, and like crinklebat mentioned, it's easy to dis- and re-assemble, and isn't noisy or wobbly. I considered painting or finishing it, but the cats have scratched the hell out of it so I'm not going to bother.
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I just got up from my Dalselv, actually. This is the third partial reassemble it's been through (third house it's been in, headboard doesn't need disassembling) and it's holding up fine.

It sometimes creaks a little, but I bet if I sat down and re-tightened some of the hex bolts it would be fine. On the other hand, I've never had the slats fall through, and we're just using a foam IKEA mattress and mattress pad - no boxspring.

It does require putting small screws directly into wood at one point, which you can either do with massive hand strength or, what I did, was burr out a little hole with my Dremel first. Once you do that once, though, you never have to do it again for reassembling.

I stained it because I think it looks stupid with the light wood and the dark metal. I stained it a mahogany-type color; I think it was this Minwax 'Burgundy'. or if it's not, it's one of the ones in the same column, kind of a dark reddish wood color. Several people have told me it looks a lot nicer than the unfinished one in IKEA.
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I don't own one, but a good friend of mine does, and she hates it - largely on account of how it holds up to robust activity with her fiancee. It apparently dances across the floor and wobbles a bit. Mind you, they've also got a cheaper thin mattress, so more weight there would probably make a difference.
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I've had a queen-sized Daselv for a little over five years now, and it's still going strong. I had a hell of a time assembling it since one of the holes was mis-aligned (and damned if I was going all the way out to the suburbs to get it replaced), but since then I've had no complaints.
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Response by poster: Thanks for the help, everybody! Is anyone else having the skittering-during-sex problem reported by Tomorrowful? (I imagine that would depend on floor surface even more than weight...)
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@lorimer: No problems, I'm on thick carpet.

No creaks or anything like that. I did screw the slats in at the top and bottom of the bed to prevent them from slipping around; that took all of 5 minutes and I've never had a problem.
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We had that frame when we lived in Chicago and it was fairly sturdy. Also, we didn't have any skidding problems during more, er, active times in bed.

I think the downside to the Dalselv is that when it's all put together, it just looks cheap. But it's a great frame.
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I love it. Absolutely love it. I've had one for about three years. Sturdy, comfortable, and I haven't had any problems with the slats. I've left it bare, but that's because the rest of the furniture in my bedroom is that light pine color, and I'm lazy, and it looks good.

In my last place, I had hardwood floors. No problem whatsoever with skittering during sex. Even crazy active use. (The bars on the headboard are pretty sturdy too, if it matters).
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This Dalselv hack might be worth a look.
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We have one. We put a few coats of linseed oil on it, but no other finish, and I think it looks fine. When I assembled it, I glued all the joints for extra stability, and it's held up well to all sort of bedroom activities involving a couple with a combined weight of 400 pounds or so. It's on a carpet, so it doesn't move around at all.

The slats do tend to slip, which we fixed by laying a long dowel between the two rows, like DakotaPaul. We can't fit a boxspring up our stairs, but that hasn't seemed to be a problem. Also, the frame is just a bit too long for our mattress, so I put a couple of wooden blocks at the foot of the bed, between the frame and the mattress, to keep things in place.

When we got ours, it came with some weird metal cross braces, which don't seem to serve any purpose--way too flimsy to be effective. Now they're just hanging down under the bed, getting in the way of under-bed storage.

Overall, I think it was a good purpose, and definitely worth the cost.
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err, good purchase
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I have a similar IKEA bed and also had the slot-slipping problem. The bed has also broken in at least two places, although to be fair, it had a lot of weight on it moving vigorously at the time(s.) Quite disconcerting when it happens, though.
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