Help Me Pressure Toto to Pay for a Plumber to Clean Up Their Mess!
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How can I get Toto Toilets to pay for the installation/replacement of a defective part? (slightly better explanation inside)

I recently purchased a Toto toilet for the new room in our house. However, the flusher system that came installed in the toilet is defective. I called Toto and they sent a new unit right away, free of charge, which was nice of them.

However, the removal and installation is a nightmare. I disassembled the defective unit enough so that I can theoretically unscrew and remove the main black tube successfully, but I can't move it even a millimeter. Also, given the close proximity between the installation threading and the wall of the tank, it appears as though I'll have to completely disassemble the new flusher just to screw it in.

So, naturally, I find this totally unacceptable given that it all stems from a defective part. So I would like to know if any of you can either tell me a better way to make the swap myself, or how to best convince Toto to reimburse me for the cost of hiring a plumber to do this.
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I'm confused... If the toilet is defective, isn't this a warranty repair? Doesn't a warranty repair include parts AND labour?

What makes you think that them sending you the part to install was "nice of them", and not just standard business practice for a warranty?
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What made it seem nice of them is that, in the recent storm of defective crap I've bought, they performed relatively well compared to Maxtor, who makes you pay for the return shipping.
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Completely unrelated, but I absolutely love my Toto toilet. Well, as much as a sane man can love a toilet, that is.

Small, efficient, very reliable, and replaced a 50+ year-old dinosaur that essentially used a large aquarium's worth of water per flush. In fact, the cost savings in water alone pays for the toilet in ~5 years.

I hope you get this resolved. A Toto toilet is just one fewer thing to worry about. (Once it's properly installed.)
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The issue has now been resolved, so ferget I ever asked.

And yes, Wild_Eep, the toilets themselves are awesome.
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