Converting PowerPoint to video
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I need to convert a PowerPoint slideshow into a video file that can then be uploaded to YouTube. Is there any freeware (NOT shareware/trial) program that can help me convert a PowerPoint slideshow to AVI/MPEG/MOV? Don't care how complicated or how many steps involved; just need to not have to pay for it.
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There are some sites you can upload powerpoint to, like slideshare, but I haven't checkout their conversion options.
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Camstudio should do it.
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How about using SlideShare instead of YouTube?

You can upload your PPT file, and it turns it into a flash video like your standard YouTube video. Then you can embed that on a webpage or whatever -- is that the goal?
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Send it to someone with a Mac and have them load it into Mac powerpoint and export as quicktime...send that QT file to youtube...
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Save the PowerPoint file as BMPs, selecting the option to export every slide. Use Windows Movie Maker (Start/Accessories) to create a timeline with your pictures, save it as a movie file, upload it to Youtube.

This creates a WMV file, which YouTube will accept. If it has to be AVI/MPEG/MOV, converters are easy to Google for.
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