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Is there software that can give a computer the capabilites of a Fluke type device? I've used Fluke Etherscope devices in the past and they are a terrific network troubleshooting tool but they are expensive. I am mostly interested in the cable testing/verifaction functions.

I would like to create a laptop that has the same functionality. Since the Flukes are just small Linux machines, I would assume it would possible. Some of the functions can be done using existing software but I cant find anything to do cable verification and tone generation. My ultimate goal would be to take an Asus Eee PC with the software as my network diag tool.
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This is basically what computer data acquisition (or DAQ) is all about. You may have to do a little coding or scripting, but offerings from companies like LabJack, or National Instruments are exactly what you want to look at.
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