Looking for a good place or a group/organization to meet people in Seattle.
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So, I moved to lovely Seattle more than a year ago and I have found it near impossible to meet people (I now understand the "Seattle Ice"). Any ideas?

I have a good job, a decent apartment, and have my own hobbies, however, I'm past going out to bars and concerts to hopefully find folks. Any ideas from the Seattlites here? I really love the city, its just a bit intimidating.
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Get involved in some groups that *do* things. Northwesterners (Portland is this way too) tend to stick inside their cliques... and they met their cliques by having different activities to do. Join a sports league (even if it's silly, like dodgeball) or a knitting club (even if you're a guy) or a LARP group or something weird, whatever suits your taste.
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Join a meetup.
Find a cause.
Make art.

The secret to getting beyond the "freeze" is to associate. If you share a common interest, people will be more willing to let you in beyond their walls.

It's going to take more energy to make friendships in Seattle than in other cities. If you make the effort, though, you will be rewarded. We're really a good bunch of people, just a little wary and aloof about outsiders.
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Try joinging Barnight. It's where I met my wife.
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And what SpecialK said. Hobbies are a lifesaver. Being a city blogger has helped me get to know a bunch of people, some of whom are good friends.
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Big generalization this, but I'm N-thing that Pacific Northwesterners aren't cold, per se, we just want to see you make an investment. Our quality of life won't continue to be sustainable if every Stan and Suzy Suburb comes here and doesn't contribute.

In my experience, we don't do the same surface relationship stuff that might happen in New York or LA. We don't make bffs over elevator rides: We do it over common causes and passions.

If your regular hobbies don't do the trick, you might have to step out of your comfort zone and try a few new things until something sticks.
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Propose a MeFi meetup in MetaTalk, or attend one that gets scheduled!
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Also see this thread.
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Thanks a lot folks. I've never really used MetaTalk before, but I'll get on there and see what is what. Last meetup was 2 months ago, so perhaps they're ready for another.
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Lots of East Coasters say this. My wife for one.

I've lived here since 1986 and have lived in the NW off and on since 1977. I was lucky that I had many college friends who lived here. But it took me about 2 years to expand my social group. And I am a very social person.

Yeah. Seattleites traditionally do take a while to warm up. I don't know why. But it's true.

Most people in this town are transplants these days. So there should be places you can mingle with like minded people.

The problem is infrastructure. Our bars are terrible places to meet new people. And we don't have many good public spaces for socializing. not that don't get rained out.

I have met lots of good friends through my boxing gym and via professional organizations like AIGA. People seem to warm up better here when they have that social ice breaker.

There are things like the Mountaineers and other organizations that have that unique NW flava where you can meet people. NW Film Forum is a good social place. You can volunteer there.

What are your hobbies?
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Sorry about the freeze. What everyone says is true - you have to go out and join stuff that interests you. You might add some personal details to your profile here, too, because I think a lot of MeFites are from Seattle.
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Yeah, you don't have anything in your profile, or a link to an blog or an LJ, or anything. First thing I thought when I saw this question was "what's he into?" but since you didn't have anything in your profile, I couldn't go, "Oh, he should totally talk to...."
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If you're into photography at all, get on Flickr, join the Seattle Flickr Meetups group, and come to some meetups. It's a very large, very active, very friendly group (out of which several couples have been formed, BTW).
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Check out the Seattle Anti-Freeze group... they throw fun events with a good group of people. The overall crowd is mostly fun/social people in their 20s, and the events are generally fairly large parties or bar events.

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My wife and I area also pretty new to the area and have been having trouble meeting people. I think it's partly the age group (early 30's == lots of people focused on careers and family).
We go to various religious events through Kavana, but that's not so interesting to non-Jews. Lately I'm trying out NoonHat -- the first lunch was fun but left no lasting impression, tomorrow's my second. MeetUp has also led to some connections.
It's hard, though! Do post what you're into.
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Take some classes at the Century. Either Salsa or East Coast Swing (don't take Tango). You'll thank me later, I promise.
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How did you meet people in the last place you lived?
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