Looking for a4 in all the wrong places
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Where can I find A4 photographic paper here in the States for a reasonable price?

I'm looking for A4 photo paper because it is more nearly proportional to the full frame proportions for DSLRs (almost exactly 3:2) Letter size paper is closer to 4:5 proportions. similar to an 8x10. I have a bad habit of framing my shots so that I need the whole frame to print them.

The dilemma is this: Amazon UK lists 50 sheets of my favorite Canon matte photo paper in A4 size for 8.84 Pounds. The same paper on Amazon US is $56.00! ridiculous, since a 50-sheet package of US Letter size here is $8.99.

Anyone have a suggestion as to how I can get my dirty, rotten USA'ian hands on some nice cool international-sized paper?

Secondary question: How the heck do you make a 'pound symbol' on Metafilter?
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I should amend that to read "inkjet photo paper".
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As for the pound symbol, just copy and paste it (£) from a nearby website..
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B & H Photo has Moab A4 Matte Double Sided for $22.91. If you go with the single sided glossy or luster photo papers it jumps up to $33.96.

Here's a link to the matte.
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Obvious question - can you get it from amazon.co.uk?

I don't know how much the shipping would be, but it's bound to be less than $40.

It'll work out even cheaper if you want more than one packet.

Oh, and
1. Buy a UK keyboard
2. Press Shift+3

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Oh yeah, plus $4.95 for the cheapest shipping to my state. YMMV.
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If you had a mac you could just option key + 3. See ££££££! Love.
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I tried ordering it from Amazon UK and got this:

*** We're sorry. This item can't be shipped to your selected destination. You may either change the shipping address or delete the item from your order by changing its quantity to 0 and clicking the update button below. ( See geographical restrictions.) ***

Of course it cabtship to the US, Amazon US gets $56.00 for it.

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robtf3- I'm not that familiar with the Moab paper- actually, I'm not at all familiar with it. I was looking for the Canon paper because that's what I have all worked out.
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1. Try different uk sites by searching from google.co.uk and you are sure to find someone who will ship to you.

2. If you use the £ key frequently, then hold down alt while typing 0163. But if you don't do it frequently, you'll never remember that, so stick with the official three letter code GBP.
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2. £ can be easier to remember
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Don't preview through - £
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Were I still in the UK, I'd be happy to re-mail it to you. Do you not have anyone you know in the UK who could do this for you?
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It looks this British guy on eBay will ship you the paper for less than amazon.com in the US wants.
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Also, you can get 100 pages of Epson A4 paper from J&R for $9.99 + shipping. Even though it's not your favorite brand, it might be worth a shot.
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