Where to buy shaving supplies locally?
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Where to buy shaving supplies (the real stuff) locally (Seattle/North Seattle area)?

I want to start shaving with something other than a disposable razor after 8 years of a beard, and I am ready to splurge a little. I would like to find someplace locally that will carry shaving supplies. Where should I look? Will Bed Bath and Beyond carry what I am looking for? Are there any chain stores that will carry shaving brushes, real shaving cream, straight razors, etc.? I know there are places online(and I already have a lot of those places bookmarked), but I would prefer to do it locally, so any suggestions would be appreciated. I tried searching but didn't find anything, so if this has been covered before a link would be great. thanks!
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Call a barber and see were the stuff is sold, might be as easy as a beauty supply store on Aurora.
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How 'bout Nordstroms? They may have what you're after. I haven't bought stuff like that there before, but I did check their page.
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Nordstrom has good stuff.
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There isn't much to be found I think. I get my stuff from classicshaving.com. Anyway, this livejournal post has some suggestions. I haven't actually checked any of them out.

Places to buy shaving supplies in Seattle
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PCC might have the cup/soap/brush you're looking for (I use 'Herban Cowboy' soap, BTW. Yes, goofy name, but it lathers nicely, lasts forever, and smells pleasant without being overpowering). Talk to a barber about razors.
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I have heard rave reviews about oslo's from people who have gone there. As a current bearded classic shaving fan (I still use my badger tale brush / safety razor to clean up the lines), I would suggest picking up your razor and blades from classicshaving.com, and spinning by oslo's to check out their selection of creams, etc.

Or just stop by oslo's and talk to the barbers there, as they also provide a real classic straight edge shave (which is on my christmas present to myself list).

If you haven't started or used a straight edge before, I would suggest starting with a safety razor (the old style ones) first, just to get the hang of the shave. And it costs less to get started than going with straight edges right away, etc.
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Crabtree & Evelyn.
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Nordstrom's has good shaving equipment -- a good shaving brush is probably the most important thing at first. DO NOT start shaving with a straight razor -- use a single-edge safety razor or a disposable at first. Until you are used to the shape of your face...and your skin is used to being shaved again, you really don't want to be using a straight razor. If you do eventually decide to go with a straight razor (you may decide that the safety razor is good enough), any good knife store will carry straight razors (as well as fancy shaving sets).

Most grocery stores and drugstores carry the shaving soaps. Bert's Bee's shaving soap is nice and smells wonderful, but you can get Williams Shaving Soap pretty much anywhere, and I think it works perfectly fine. Old Spice sells a shaving mug/soap "starter" kit; again, available at pretty much any drugstore or grocery store.
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I 4th Nordstroms.

They sell Kiehls mens shaving products, which is what I use and recommend.
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