A tree grows in Israel, but which one should be mine?
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What agency should I choose to plant a tree in Israel (as a gift in someone's honor)? Does it matter?

I'd like to plant a tree in Israel (or a few) for my mom for Chanukah, but I'm not sure which of the many agencies that popped up from the google search would be good. I was leaning towards treetoisrael.org, because I like that they plant fruit trees, but I've never heard of the organization and don't know how credible they are.
I was thinking of going with the JNF because they are reputable, but I don't want to buy $100 worth of trees.

The goals of the organization are important:
More environmental and less conservative and Zionistic yes, I know that planting a tree in Israel to begin with is Zionistic, and I would like the organization to be credible and mail her a certificate.
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It doesn't cost nearly $100 with JNF. Not sure where you got that.
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Best answer: Oh, and treestoisrael.org appears to be associated with (run by) Hebron settlers. You might not want to be.
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Response by poster: Ah, all I saw there was the EZ tree option. Now I see there is an individial option, but they I can't tell what kind of tree it is or where they plant it. Am I missing something again?
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jnf is what we always used throughout day school and camp. the little certificates are a staple of my childhood memories.
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I used JNF and I believe I only spent $30 at the time. This was a few years ago. It was for 1 tree. Maybe the $100 quote is for a small cluster?
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Best answer: It seems my memory is going. One tree is $18, 3 trees are $36. Info here.
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Response by poster: Alright thanks, JNF it is.
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I have personally put trees in the ground in a JNF forest. Now I can't say that every tree purcahsed does get into the ground (some of the money surely is for upkeep and the like). But JNF folks handed us a bunch of trees and we planted them.

So that's pretty reputable.

Hope your mom likes 'em.
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