Finding a house in Guatemala
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How can I find a house in Guatemala?!

I am taking my family on a short 10-day vacation to Guatemala City. I need to rent a two-bedroom house for two weeks, and it seems nearly impossible to find one.

I have family in Guatemala, and they too, have had a hard time finding something. Am I missing something? Have I not looked in the right places? I am willing to pay whatever necessary to stay in a safe and clean place.

Feliz Navidad!
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I don't know a lot about Guatemala, but I know they are quite catholic. Our organization has a sister affiliate there with a parish in San Lucas, which offers great hospitality at a very low price in the monastery there. It's extra awesome because it dates from the late 1600's, is made of stone, and is 100% badass. You might try that angle?
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Best way to do it is as TomMelee suggests above- go through private individuals and organizations, find someone to rent a place from. Although- IMO I wouldn't chose Guatemala City as a place to stay for more than 1 or 2 days at most. Antigua is just a few hours away, as are plenty of other wilder destinations.

If you must stay in Guatemala City, I'd avoid flat out renting a place- it isn't a dangerous city, per sae, but a good city to stay with someone else in who knows the city and can give you advice and has good locks on their doors.
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VRBO: Vacation Rental by Owner.
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