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Microsoft Word for the Mac: does anyone know a keyboard shortcut for cycling through open windows? I'm thinking of something like the apple+tab to go through open applications on OS 10.3.1. I tried Googling for an answer with no luck.
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Best answer: Command-tilde (on US keyboards, it's the squiggle next to "1") cycles through the current app's open windows. It's an OS shortcut, so most apps use it too, though there are some exceptions like BBEdit.

There's also Expose.
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Response by poster: Thanks so much, nakedcodemonkey! I'm happily command-tilde-ing away as we speak (type). I *heart* AskMe.
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thank you
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Oh and if the stretch from Command to tilde starts getting to be a drag, you can set a more comfortable combo in System Prefs > Keyboard & Mouse > Keyboard Shortcuts.
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OMFG! Etc. Thanks to both the inquirer and inquiree!
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I would love to know how to get BBedit and Photoshop to honour command + `

Highly irritating that my two most-used apps don't respond to the most useful keyboard shortcut.
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influx- It's doubtful you can. Believe me, I use BBEdit with a lot of windows, and have wasted a lot of time trying to figure it out. Problem is, there is no "Cycle Through Windows" behavior in there to begin with, so there's no command to assign a key combo to.

Expose, as noted by nakedcodemonkey, has become my tool of choice for this- use the app-specific F10, not the global F9.
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I'm using BBEdit 6.5. There's a "send to back" item in the Windows menu. I've assigned that to cmd-tilde. That should be the equivalent to "cycle through windows."
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*smacks forehead* Thanks!
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