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Is it possible to undo 'clouding' on cellulose acetate and plastic eyeglass frames?

I've been wearing plastic and/or acetate cellulose eyeglass frames for years and years. After a year or so of wear, said frames always start to form cloudy white discoloration, maybe due to skin oils, maybe due to washing/getting wet... I don't really know. But the funny thing is, the cloudiness varies a bit from time to time, sometimes getting a little better, and sometimes a little worse. But it's generally ugly, leading me to spend money to replace frames sooner than I would for other reasons (not to mention abandoning kick ass frames like the ones I have now).

Does anyone have any tips on restoring frames to their former luster and glory? Or failing that, any preventative tips for the future?
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I have had luck using cheapo floor wax like Future on things like that. dab some future on a paper towel and wipe down the frames. Don't glob it on, just use it like you would use a moist towelette. It will dry clear and shiny. I like it better than clear nail polish because it only leaves a very thin layer, just enough to fill in any scratches and make the surface clear again. Be careful not to get any on the glass part of your glasses.
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You might try an automotive plastic polish.
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Try a nail buffer block (start with the roughest and finish with the smoothest) on a test patch first. It worked for some of my glasses but not others.
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