how to win at a teaching interview
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So, I have an interview for a Secondary English PGCE course on the 13th....

...and Im very excited and scared, obviously, but also (I think) vastly underprepared. So there are some things I need.

a) I need blogs, websites etc that have up to date news on current education events, news research, general kind of thing. I know about the TES and have just got a subscription (yey me).
Obviously this needs to be UK based.

b) Any websites/annecdotal experience about secondary interviews. They describe the interview as "...a group exercise, where you are assessed on your discussion skills, interpersonal skills and knowledge of current educational debate. Finally, you have a 30-minute individual interview with course tutors..."
Im pretty hot on interviewing skillz but I wonder what kind of questions they will ask.

erk. thanks in advance, I just want to do this thing!
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