How to ride a single speed on an indoor trainer
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Can a single speed or track bicycle without a rear quick release skewer work on my minoura vfs fluid trainer?

I'm afraid that without the skewer for the trainer to grip onto the bike would come flying off.
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I'm guessing probably not - I have a Minoura magnetic trainer and I have to use the supplied Minoura skewer because my regular Cannondale skewer won't fit. So if you don't have a skewer at all, I'd say you're SOL.
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I used a fuji track bike on a giant magnetron trainer. It held onto the bolt holding the hub in place and I never went flying off. YMMV.
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Best answer: It just depends. You won't know if your axle bolts will work until you try. I'm sure the manufacture doesn't recommend this though. Be careful.

Worse case scenario: buy a cheap cassette wheel with quick release and use a kit like this. (Although shop around, because Nashbar is asking about $15 too much for that one.) On the upside you'll save wear on your single-speed wheel, on the downside these only work for single speed, not fixed.
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