Shiny white teeth in just 7 days?
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I'd like some more info on this new Colgate Weekly Clean toothpaste, but I'm loathe to ask the manufacturer, because they'll obviously be biased. So, is it as good as they make out?

I'm all for making my smile better, and this looks like it's going to be a good way to do that. However, it's been several years since I had a scale and polish (I haven't had the money or the inclination, nor will I in the near future), and I drink coffee at least once a day. So, despite not smoking, and using a whitening toothpaste, my teeth aren't exactly glowing white.

Is this product liable to help undo all the mugs of black coffee and restore my teeth to their initial brilliance, or will it probably turn out to be a waste of money (and what seems like excessive packaging)?
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Response by poster: Also, what is liable to be the effect on damaged teeth/cavities, etc?
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I think it looks like a waste of money. I would just use hydrogen peroxide. YMMV
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Best answer: AFAICT, they just claim it will give your teeth "that clean feeling" that you get from a professional cleaning. I don't see any claim about whitening at all. Cleaning is not the same thing as whitening.
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My dentist told me that, in addition to my twice daily clean/floss/interdental brush routine, to brush once a week with Eucryl, a toothpowder.

It's interesting to note on that Colgate site under 'Oral Care Routine' there's no mention of flossing. Dentist have always led me to understand that flossing is as important as brushing.
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Best answer: Instead of asking them for info, ask them for a discount coupon or a free sample to try yourself. Not an uncommon request =)
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If you're looking for something that will whiten your teeth, Crest White Strips do a pretty good job.
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Please be aware that all "whitening" products work by stripping some enamel off your teeth. Overusing them is likely to leave you with a mouth full of bad teeth at a time when you can't even afford a dental checkup.

In my experience, less than one person in a hundred would even notice less-than-white teeth. Come on, who doesn't drink coffee?
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Did no one read the ingredients? It contains two silicate abrasives. In other words it is tooth paste that is more abrasive than normal, and thus should not be used daily. If a more abrasive brushing will make things better than go ahead, but in my experience the dentist uses a wheeled polisher to apply things like this.
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