Flash or Java player to play most internet audio streams?
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I am looking for an flash or Javascript plug in that I can embed into a website to play Internet radio streams. Specifically, one that will play mp3, wma/mms, and Realplayer (pls) streams. Does anyone know of one?

I have a website that I've been building for myself that has a bunch of internet streams (audio only). I'm trying to find a flash or java player that will act as the "front end" to this database.

Ideally, if it plays realplayer, windows, and mp3 streams, that would be fantastic.

Any suggestions?

P.s. I don't want to have the files on site, and load the local media player to play the streams. I want the "player" to come through the web.

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There is an excellent open source music player that can be found at musicplayer.sourceforge.net. Instructions can be found on the site, but you'll need to know a little bit of XML so that you can tell the player where the files are stored.

I'm not sure if it plays anything besides mp3s.
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I think realplayer is entirely obsolete these days, and people who don't run Windows will have trouble playing wma/mms.

Flash can play Mp3 just fine, however -- there are many flash mp3 players, for instance:





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