I need another pair of these awesome shoes
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Where can I find this shoe (or something similar)?

I bought a pair of Gravis Makani trainers two years ago and I love them. My current pair is wearing out and I'd like to get a new one (black or blue). However, I can't seem to find them on sale anywhere. Not Zappos. Not anywhere. ebay has a few odd pairs but none in my size (10.5).

Does anyone know a place where I could get them online?

If not, do you know of something similar that would be a fun casual pair of everyday shoes?

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Froogle knows a few places...

It's just a step beyond "You didn't Google this, did you?"
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Zappos has a similar pair
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My bad, you looked at zappos. Here are other similar ones.. they have a pair of dark brown's that look really nice
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Best answer: I used to work for a very technical footwear outfitter (think technical hiking boots for Himalayas-climbers), and we sold Gravis shoes (you can't really stay open only selling $800 Scarpas...). One thing I do know is that most of the shoes in the Gravis casual lines are formed with the same (interestingly, really high quality, as I'm sure you can attest) last, so they should all fit basically the same. So, if there's another model you find and like, it should fit and feel basically similar.

For what it's worth, I used to have the same model and loved them. Sadly, it looks as though they've been discontinued. Hopefully you can find another suitable match at their website.
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Oh, and one more thing: The Saucony Jazz is another great shoe with similar looks
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Response by poster: unixrat: du'h, of course I googled this to death. All those hits on froogle are women's shoes. I should have been more clear.
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Response by poster: unixrat: (cont.) but thanks for suggesting that :)
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Not exactly what you were looking for, but some pretty good prices on Gravis footwear can be found here.
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gravis is a division of burton snowboards. you can generally find gravis shoes where snowboard and skateboarding gear would be sold.
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