need clasp for bike chain bracelet
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need to find weird folding bracelet clasp for bike chain bracelet

ok, so i would like to make something like this from a couple of my own old bike chains but i cannot find that sort of clasp, anywhere, at all. perhaps it has a name and i don't know it.
any leads would rock.
or if you have another good clasping idea, that would work too, i just don't like lobster or very dainty clasps.
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If you don't mind it being semi-permanently on your wrist, you could attach it with a chain tool (which pushes the pins in and out of the chain).

Alternately, it may be possible to use a Dremel tool to grind away part of a chain link to make a hook.
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I wore a chain necklace similar to this for years. I used a simple clasp that I found at a craft store. I had to bend one end a little so it slipped into the pin hole on one side.

I wore it 24/7 for YEARS and it never once came apart. Get your self into a craft store and go nuts!
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Best answer: You could probably just get a master link (like the one here), which is supposed to enable you to unlink a chain without tools. That way it would have the added bonus of looking like a chain the whole way through instead of having a clasp.
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Best answer: Those clasps are available at Metalliferous (on page 99 of this pdf catalog). I've ordered from them often and they're great.
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There are various speed-links for bike chains that don't require a chain tool. These would probably require a friend's help to attach/detach, and require a little slack (they work by pushing the chain into a Z shape.

But a bead store should have all the jewelry notions you need.
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Best answer: If you're going to go the master link route, get one of these Wipperman Connex Links instead of the SRAM PowerLinks.

10-speed SRAM links lock in place permanently, and 9-speed SRAM links are difficult to open even when used as intended on the bike, let alone on your wrist. The Wipperman links open easily -- you could probably do it one-handed even. Having to use a chain tool to get your bracelet off doesn't sound fun.
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Response by poster: i have tried many craft stores and none have them. or anything that seemed appealing to me. i am curious what you used mighty Rem.
yeh, i could use a master link, good point. i may try that, just would be rather hard to get on and off, although not as bad as the speed links.
good ideas, thanks!
i will try that link lvl, thanks too!
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As a safety consideration, I think you probably want some kind of jewelery clasp. If it ever gets caught, your wrist will fail before a bicycle chain. A jewelery clasp will save you from anything more than minor cuts and bruising.
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