Need a pair of comfy & warn shoes.
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Can you help me find warm and comfortable shoes? No huge snow shoes, please.

I'm tired of my feet freezing on Minnesota mornings with my non-insulated shoes. I already have a pair of rock-solid snow shoes, but gawd are they uncomfortable and I only wear them when we have some real snowfall. I prefer leather shoes that look decent, but don't need to be dress shoes. FWIW, I'm generally a fan of Rockports and Timberlands, but their "normal" shoes don't keep my feet warm at all.

I ask here because it's really hard to tell if shoes will keep the frostbite away while trying them on in the store! So, any suggestions on good, comfortable warm shoes that won't fall apart? I tend to spring for shoes that last and I haven't thrown out a pair of non-athletic shoes in 5+ years, so don't worry about price.
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Buy a size or two up and wear thick thermal socks?
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Response by poster: I've thought about it, but I prefer the thinner socks. Something about thick socks irk me. I'll go that route if I can't find anything, but I'd prefer my shoes to do the insulating.
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Fleece lined Crocs? Maybe not for every day, but they certainly qualify as comfortable and warm. As a Floridian, I'm not sure how practical they are for Minnesota, but I have a friend in snowy Canada who just loves hers.
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Best answer: I do find some of the Land's End shoes to be warm enough but they are probably too clunky for what you are looking for.

How about using silk sock liners under your normal socks? They won't add much to the bulk.
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Best answer: I love my Merrell winter boots, which I find super comfortable, and I think the waterproofing (not available in all style) really helps with the cold. Maybe try them? (Disclaimer: I've only worn the women's style. But the men's options look good, too.)
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Seconding the silk sock liners. I have perpetually freezing feet, and a thin pair of silk socks under my normal pair warms them up nicely.
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nthing Merrell. Mine are kind of clunky looking, but fit like tennis shoes and are as warm (if not warmer) than my giant snowboots. They have lasted for a few years now. They now make some more elegant leather boots.
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Response by poster: I think I can manage those socks without going crazy so will probably try them out.
My Merrell sandals rock, so checking out their shoes also sounds like a good idea.
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I found a pair of Bleil side-zip lambswool-lined boots at Salamander. they run large, so order a half size down.
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