Open active amateur repeaters in the Bay Area
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I will be traveling to the bay area, San Jose, in December. I am also an amateur radio operator. I have a list of open repeaters but I am wondering if anyone knows which ones are more active that you can just get on and rag chew. Also if there are any good repeaters on the 5 FWY, through Gilroy, and up to San Jose. That is the route I will be taking.
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Best answer: Probably the most popular local repeater is the N6NFI one in the hills near Stanford University. It's got exceptional coverage, considering its elevation, and there's a 9:00am ragchew net that gets dozens of checkins daily (sometimes many more).

There's also a WIN System node or two around here. It's usually pretty active, because it covers so much of the state (plus it's tied to IRLP an awful lot). The 11:00pm Nightowl/Trivia net is pretty active as well.
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