Stackable DVD Crates
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Where can I find plastic, stackable, interlocking DVD crates?

So we have all enjoyed the use of milk crates since college. And then came along the legal (though much more flimsy) alternatives you can purchase at office supply stores. They're great because you can stack them, top up, or stack them with the top facing out.

Of course they're the wrong size to do DVDs nicely. I'm looking for something twice as wide (or so), but half as high and half as tall. Just enough to hold a single row of DVDs. Plastic. With handles. Bonus for black.

Yes, I have too many DVDs. Google has given me all kinds of crates that are great for storing DVDs that you wouldn't look at, but not of the right proportions. They typically hold several rows at a shot and I'm just looking for a single row solution.

Short of finding such a thing, it seems like this kind of customized, injection-molding item would be perfect for those fab labs (about which I know little). Any of those in St. Louis that would be appropriate, or is that a horribly expensive idea?
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Try Ikea. I think I recently saw something your looking for on the showroom. Not sure if it stacks or not. I can't seem to find it for you...
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