I've forgotten a Gmail password and need help contacting Google.
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I can't remember the password for one of my Gmail accounts and I'm beginning to think Google hates me.

I've used the account (#1) for several years now, but for the past year or so I've had all mail received at that account forwarded to another Gmail address (#2). I've logged in to #1 a few times here and there, but now I can't remember the password, my security question (one that I definitely know the answer to) isn't working, and the email address I used as a secondary address for #1 is an old one that I no longer have access to.

I've tried every combination of letters and numbers that I've ever used for passwords. I've gone through Gmail's 'password assistance'. I really need to retrieve an old message from #1.

I'm unable to find customer service info for Gmail anywhere - I just keep getting directed back to the 'password assistance' page. Is there any way I can contact the folks at Google/Gmail for help, or am I just shit out of luck? I can prove that account #1 belongs to me, as it links to accounts #2 and #3.

Please don't tell me that I should be more careful with my passwords - I am careful and I don't understand why my answer to the security question won't work.
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Your gmail account username and your password are both case sensitive, if that helps.
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- strange capitalization in the security question?
- perhaps you mistyped when you answered the security question originally.

Start here, and walk through the steps.

If at the end you still can't log in (no secondary email, etc), it gets you to this contact page.
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Do you use Firefox's 'saved password' function? Try Tools/Options/Securty/Show Passwords.
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If you do the above, it won't be under 'gmail' but 'google.com' in the list of saved passwords.
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Thanks for your help, everyone. After trying a few dozen more combos of password words I've used in the past, I got in! Good on me.

The Google Accounts contact form is kind of a joke. They need to know the exact date that your account was created and the date you last logged in, because of course everyone keeps track of that stuff.

Again, thanks!
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And in case anyone sees this in the future, the gmail username is not case sensitive, at least not in my testing/usage. Password is, though.
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