How do I get feeling back in my hand after it fell asleep?
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My arm fell asleep after I slept on it wrong, and a day later, my hand still feels funny. What do I do?

I can't pinpoint what exactly it is- It moves fine, and I can feel hot and cold and SOME pain if I pinch it, but I don't think I can feel pressure right... when I touch it with my other hand it doesn't feel like I'm touching myself. It's been a day. What now?
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One time I slept with my feet up on a cooler in the back of a Nissan Sentra, from Limon CO to somewhere near Kansas City. My calf was numb for a week or two. Basically, it's a smooshed nerve, that needs time to regrow.
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Could it be compressed radial nerve?
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Coupla similar queries.
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IANAD, but I've had this happen. It always goes away after a few days. Unless you have extenuating health circumstances I wouldn't worry about it.
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Find out if The Stranger actually works?
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Been there. Try to keep from hyper-extending it. Maybe wear one of those wrist braces that look like a bowling brace to keep your wrist in line for a couple days. If it goes longer, see an orthopedic doc, and they might give you some physical therapy you can do yourself to get things back in order. Meanwhile, I like studentbaker's idea.
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My arm falls asleep all the time, usually because I sleep on it. To wake up an arm that's asleep (or to stop the tingling if it won't go away), tilt your head all the way to one side, then all the way to the other. Be gentle, but really stretch it out in each direction, and see if that doesn't help.
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i also find it helps to take my watch off if my wrist or hand is feeling a little wonky.
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This has happened to me on occasion. Try gently massaging it when you have a free moment, and stretch and exercise the arm. That will help a lot. It's quite probably no big deal, and may take a few days or so to heal up. If it persists, of course go see a Doc.
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This happened to my leg once - it fell asleep and never woke up. The doctor said it was a compressed nerve and the feeling would probably come back (it did).
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Response by poster: studentbaker: uh, 'unfortunately,' I guess, I still have sensation in my palms... it's the back of my hand that's lost feeling and I dunno how good of a stranger I'm going to give myself with that, haha...
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I apparently pinched the nerve that controls the feeling in the ring and small fingers on my right hand about... 3 years ago? It's still kind of numb. I've talked to the doctor about it (who wasn't particularly concerned), but haven't actually done anything about it. I've learned to live with it.

So... sometimes it doesn't come back. robinME's doctor was right to say probably.
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Visit a doctor.
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you've pinched a nerve. try stretching your arm and chest: stand with your arms out to your sides and your hands up, like a football goalpost. do this standing in a corner, with your arms up against each wall, and lean into the corner. this should stretch your pecs.

another good one: tilt your head and turn it slightly to one side, as if you were trying to see something in your armpit. you might have to hold your head down to get a good stretch. hold for 30 seconds. do it on the other side.

take some ibuprofen to reduce any swelling.

if it's still feeling funny after a day or two, go see your doctor.
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