What blogs/online magazines can I contact to promote a firm that specializes in modern residential architecture?
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I'm compiling a list of architecture sites/blogs/magazines to promote the architecture firm I'm working for. The firm does idiosyncratic, residential work that is a modern take on generic residential vernacular (their houses look a bit like Atelier Bow-Wow's residential design). What publications and blogs should I get in touch with?

I'm looking for sites like Daily Dose of Architecture, but not also more accessible less design-cognoscenti sites as well.. so any "progressive housing & interior
type resources. Any suggestions and links would be appreciated.
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Have you seen this list of the top 100 architecture blogs? There was a post on the blue.
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Response by poster: I have, but I forgot about the list. That will be very helpful.. many thanks! I guess above and beyond blanket lists, I'm looking for archi-blogs that deal with "contemporary housing" specifically. Suggestions?
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The blogroll contains some good links, too.
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Dwell magazine (also at dwellmag.com) would be a good fit.
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Modern in MN isn't a modern architecture news blog, but rather the story of one designer's home project.

nonetheless, it's a good read and deals with modernism in a residence, so perhaps you will find it useful.
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NOTCOT, Veer, and Design Observer are general design blogs that regularly feature architecure.
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Oh, also try mocoloco, they sometimes feature architecture too.
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