Is it available and who has it? Resource Checkout Software (Laptops, A/V Equipment...etc)
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Looking for equipment reservation web application. Know of any... commerical or open?

Offer it and they will come. My helpdesk has become saturated with equipment reservation request. We are looking to move the task to our secetary and allow users to perform equipment lookups and schedule. Our current email system / helpdesk software doesn't provide the tools to perform the task.

Looking for software that performs:
* Allows user to login via ldap
* Has multiple resources (projectors, laptops, video cart)
* View by calendar (daily, weekly, monthly)
* Can view all resources on one page
* Users can schedule a resource
* Upon schedule and email will be sent to helpdesk
* When user picks up resource, a note can be add to the event to state they picked it up, and also on return.

Or something along those lines.

I've stumbled across a couple of software: ITlabs Booking Software & PHPScheduleIT

PHPScheduleIT is top contender, but who like to query the hivemind for additional resources.

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My school uses webcheckout, but most of the student workers that deal with it find it to be rather slow and unintuitive.
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We are right smack in the middle of developing such an animal as a work for hire for a custom software client. Contact me offline.
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Response by poster: Thanks SemiSophos... will check it out
Mr.Bugsentry ... sent email to you
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