Convert an XviD video to a standard codec?
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How can I cut a video that uses an XviD codec into a few short clips, and convert them into a regular format that needs only Windows standard software to play?

I need to make a presentation in one week, in which I will be showing clips of a video that I currently have as one long XviD (.avi) movie. The computer that will run the presentation won't have any non-standard codecs on it. So, in order of priority, I need to:

1) Convert to a standard format, playable on Windows Media Player with no extra codecs installed.
2) Cut into a few short (30 seconds - 1 minute) clips.

What is the easiest way - e.g. the best free software - to do this? I don't need the software to do anything else besides 1); 2) would be a nice bonus.
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Virtualdub. When you choose compression there will be a lot to choose from, I use the "Microsoft Video" one and it seems to play on any machine.
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And DivX isn't exactly non-standard these days, it's probably as close to a "standard" as you can get for highly compressed video. Just bring VLC with you.
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Dittoing VDub for the editing and making sure to have Portable VLC with you for the presentation.
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