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Canon-filter: Other lists/programs that are like the Great Books lists (that is, not a "best-of" but a course of study), only not for books?
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I'm not sure I'm understanding the question right but my jazz student roommate in college was required to get a Real Book which has all the standards every jazz musician must know.
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Roger Ebert's Great Movies.
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The AFI 100 - 100 best films picked by the American Film Journalists society.
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Most musicians refer to the "Standard Rep[ertoire]". The list varies greatly between instruments. The first things that come to mind for the violin would be Mozart's violin concertos #4 and #5, the Bach double, Bach Partitas. Or the Kyrie from Mozart's requiem is the only example I can think of for other instruments (It's standard rep for trombones).
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None of these are courses of study, but they might be helpful in formulating one:

Criticisms of the AFI "100 Years... 100 Movies" list and an "Alternate 100" from film critic Jonathan Rosenbaum - "my impulse is to defend the breadth, richness, and intelligence of the American cinema against its self-appointed custodians, who seem to want to lock us into an eternity of Oscar nights"

Senses of Cinema "Top Tens" - annotated ten-best-films-ever lists submitted by whoever wants

BFI top ten poll 2002 - the results of the most recent Sight & Sound poll on the best films of all time, with the individual ballots of the 253 participating critics and directors; link to historical results at the bottom of the page
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Are you familiar with A lot of these are just personal lists. But a lot of published/"official" lists end up here, too. Books, movies, music, places to see before you die. That sort of thing.
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