Can't find that song anywhere
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What was that song I heard in a South American boliche/balada?

It was a techno version of Stand by Me. I know that sounds stupid but it was actually very well done. I've searched the Internet for it and the only thing I've found is one by DJ Epic (which isn't it) and something by Usher or Lil Jon (which definitely isn't it).

I figure it's probably done by someone European or South American because I've never heard it before in the US. Unfortunately, it was South America and I was on vacation, so I don't remember any details besides the ones I mentioned. Although, the balada I heard it in was in Sao Paulo, if that makes any difference.

Thanks for any help.
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sorry to be bratty. didn't read your addendum inside the post.
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Response by poster: Thanks for the help but I don't think that is it. I'm telling you. I have searched very hard for this song and haven't come upon it.

Any other advice would be greatly appreciated.
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