Can I get a cab in Huntington?
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Can I get a cab at the Huntington LIRR stop?

I have to go to a family event this weekend in Huntington, Long Island, and I live in New York City. I'll be taking the LIRR, but I need a way to get from the train station to my final destination. The MTA website makes it seem like I can get a cab at the station but I was hoping there might be someone here who's been there. This will be on a Saturday morning, around 9-10 AM.
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Yes, you friends used Orange & White. It'll be helpful to call in advance, though.
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Most LIRR stations do have a cab company right there when you get off the tracks. I've never been to the Huntington station before, but I don't imagine it would be any different.
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Best answer: Yes, they have a cab station there off the tracks at the Huntington LIRR station. It's on the north side of the tracks, and last time I took the train from there, they were still 24/7. This was about two years ago.
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What kellyblah said. There are always cabs there.
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