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Is any Roman Britain aficionado (or UK-based archaeologist) aware of how the coastal fort in Ravenglass (Cumbria), previously known as Glanoventa (or Glannaventa), has now been re-designated?

Today largely destroyed by the westcoast railway, it was situated adjacent to the still extant Bath House, also popularly known as "Wall's Castle", an English Heritage property. (This is the tiebreaker for a weekly competition, and my googlefu has failed...!)
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Um. Sorry, but for some reason I'm having a hard time parsing this. Tell me if this is a fair restatement of your question:

In Cumbria, there is a charming little coastal village named Ravenglass. In Roman times, it was called Glannaventa, and featured a major fort. Archaeological remains from the Roman period include the fort's bath house, popularly known as Wall's Castle. The fort has, until recently, been referred to as "Glannaventa," "Glanoventa," "Glannoventa," or "Clanoventa," however apparently (because it's a question in a trivia contest) the name has recently been changed. What is the new name for the Roman fort?

On their site, at least, English Heritage just call it "the Ravenglass Roman fort." Wouldn't they be ones to officially rename it, and if so, wouldn't an announcement of some sort be in order? There doesn't seem to be a press release, if so.

Is your question the exact text from the competition, or have you rephrased it? Could this be a trick question?
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Is that renamed, as mumkin assumes, or redesignated, as in the original question?

Is anything a Scheduled Ancient Monument? A Grade Something Listed Building? Did it used to be something else? Do I think it's cheating to ask a question here when there is a possibility that you might get a prize if you win? Is there a prize if you win? Will you share it with us?
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Could it be the recent inclusion of Hadrian's Wall in its entirety in a transnational World heritage Site called Frontiers of the Roman Empire? The fort at ravenglass seems to have had no change in status since its scheduling as a national monument was updated in 1992.
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Thanks, Lebannen... I did assume that the OP meant "renamed" when s/he said "redesignated" (it's clunky, but a valid synonym), since the title of this AskMe is "GLANOVENTA RENAMED?" Based on the lack of renaming evidence, though, I suspect that you and Abiezer are right, the OP misinterpreted the quiz question, and it's had some kind of official status shift recently. Still, it seems like something that wikipedants would be all over, yet its been almost 4 months since its entry was updated. Just waiting for kairab to come back and clarify things.
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I somehow didn't notice the question title. If I had, I probably wouldn't have thought about designations either. And I can't find anything that looks like an actual answer anyway.
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Response by poster: Thanks for the comments guys - this arises from the Sunday Times' WHERE WAS I competition which I can usually solve in about 15 minutes. This week's entry is however more challenging. It provides, after an extended letter clue chase, the term GLANOVENTA as "the name by which it was, until recently, incorrectly known", and another consisting of the letters C, E, I, L, M, N, N, O, T, U, U, as the "correct name". I found a website which mentions ITUNOCELUM and another which refers to TUNNOCELUM, the location of which according to these sites is somewhat doubtful, although it must be a coastal fleet fort in the Cumbria area. I have therefore sent in my entry on a best-guess basis. I should perhaps mention that I am not a native English speaker. Generally the challenge is what's most enjoyable about the competition, but winning a short holiday is of course not to be sneezed at...!?
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