Youtube mobile via firefox and VLC on XP?
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I want to watch youtube MOBILE on my computer ( but can't quite get it. Firefox and VLC gets me close, but not easily and sadly without sound. Would I better off with some smartphone emulator?

The situation: My internet bandwidth isn't good. And the youtube mobile files seem to be the exact same content...just smaller screensize and resolution for mobile phones. Perfect. I can browse over to that site via Firefox , copy the rtsp:// link (instead of standard http://) and paste it into VLC.

HOWEVER, 2 issues. One, I have no sound. Two, it's a lot of steps.

I've tried registering the rtsp:// protocol in firefox to open VLC by default and it didn't take.

I'm on XP, but have used inspiration from this:
and this

Is VLC not the right option? Do I have to "rediscover" the "joys" of realplayer?
Or am I missing some obvious solution?

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I can't offer to actually write the thing, it's beyond my ken, but I imagine this might be able to be done using Firefox and the Greasemonkey extension.
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Just to clarify, what you need, I think, is a Greasemonkey user script which looks at a YouTube URL — say, this — and places that video code inside a mobile YouTube clip's URL, resulting in a URL like this.

(By the way, if you replace the rtsp in the URL with http, it appears it'll load in your browser. I think.)

And, I'm realizing that this only solves the question of "a lot of steps." If it helps, you should ensure that VLC, etc. is set up to play 3gp files correctly, because it appears those are the files YouTube Mobile traffics in.

However, another flaw, this one probably fatal — YouTube Mobile has only a small fraction of what is available on YouTube. For example, that RTSP address above shouldn't function You'd probably run into that far too often.
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Re: the http replacement thing in the second paragraph, no, I'm wrong.

Re: no sound in VLC, I'm seeing the same thing with those files on my Mac version of VLC. That implies to me it's a problem with VLC and not with your system.
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Try quicktime instead of VLC. It has the codecs needed to play those.
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