UK air purifier recommendation
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Can anyone from the UK recommend an Air Purifier?

I have checked the previous askme questions but they're all US-centric. Honeywell appears to be a popular choice, but they're not available here in the UK.

Specifically I'm looking for one with both carbon and HEPA filters to be used for general air pollution (i live on a busy main road), and dust and smoke particles.

My flat is a small one-bed, perhaps about 40sqft in total, so the purifier can be reasonably small/portable from room to room (and therefore reasonably inexpensive). Ion dispenser is optional since I don't know how beneficial they really are.

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So long as it has a HEPA filter you are ok. Buy from John Lewis to be on the safe side. Have to say though, as a lifelong asthmatic I've never found anything like this helpful at all, even when I lived in London. Only thing that helped was keeping the house free of dust and mould.
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Update: I bought a Bionaire from John Lewis. I generally keep the flat dust-free, and there's no mould, but after running the device for a couple of hours, I certainly noticed the difference.
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