Why is my shirt all bumpy?
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I have a short sleeve shirt that consistently comes out of the drier "bumpy" all over. There is a very repetitive pattern on the shirt like a checkerboard. The pattern alternates bumps and depressions. I can easily get the bumps out by ironing the shirt, but I'm lazy and would much rather just dry the shirt. Is there anything I can do to avoid the pattern? Or, should I just give up and relegate the shirt to my "do not wear because it's too hard to clean" bin? The shirt is 81% polynosic rayon and 19% polyester.
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Best answer: That happened to several rayon checkerboard/graph paper pattern shirts I own. Now I don't buy rayon if it has a pattern anymore. I'm as lazy as you.
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Does the shirt have any washing guidelines on it? Have you tried hang-drying it?
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Is the pattern over the whole shirt? Is it supposed to be some sort of synthetic seersucker? Otherwise, I sometimes have lightweight synthetics stick to the exhaust grate inside the dryer and pick up the pattern, usually a bunch of circles arranged in a pattern.
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Most rayon requires dry cleaning- does yours say it's OK to wash? If not, that's most likely the issue.
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Try hanging it upside-down to air dry.
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Are you sure it's not seersucker?
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Do you mean there is a color pattern on the fabric, like plaid, and the bumps correspond with the color pattern?

Or do you mean it's a solid-color shirt that only develops bumps as a result of being in the dryer?
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Make wrinkled and bumpy a fashion statement. Just make sure the rest of you is especially presentable so it looks like the shirt is that way on purpose.
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Does the pattern happen to coincide with the pattern of holes or ridges on the innerl wall of the washing machine? If so it could be that you're washing it in the hot cycle and it's getting that pattern imprinted during the spin cycle. You could try selecting a slower spin speed (if that's available) or maybe just the gentle cycle, or try washing it cold.
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Best answer: Rayon has a low wet strength, and different varieties of rayon react differently to water. I have some rayon furoshiki that will turn bumpy (likely the way you see it) with just a drop of water. It's neat to look at, but annoying otherwise.

So it's really a function of the material in your shirt, and will continue to happen and maybe even get worse, if there is some coating on the rayon to keep it from shrinking too much.

This page seems like a good basic description of rayonosity.
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