creating a flash video playlist widget
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I'm trying to create a Flash based video playlist widget that looks something like this. I would describe myself as an intermediate Flash user, pretty well-versed with action script and creating UIs. I don't like creating things from scratch though, and I'm looking for libraries that would help me parse an RSS feed in Flash and any example code of displaying video players within another swf file. Any help?
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JW's Media Player is the closest you're going to get without having to write your own flash code. It's very configurable. The Setup Wizard is helpful for getting started.
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Are you working in Flash 8 or Flash CS3?

If you're using Flash 8, you'll likely need the Professional version in order to use the FLVPlayback component. The media player neustile links to looks like a fine AS2 starting point, and since the FLA is freely available, you could crack it open and see how it works.

If using Flash CS3, there is an RSS example in the documentation. Just search on 'rss'. A livedocs version is available here.
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