Looking for an introduction to academic publishing
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Can anyone recommend books or articles that provide information on the process of peer reviewed, academic publishing? Bonus accolades if it deals specifically with Theatre.
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This article was published in the newsletter for members of the American historical association in 2002.

And this article appeared in the Chronicle of Higher Education in 2007.

The Journal of Scholarly Publishing is dedicated to this topic. (Only some libraries have online subscriptions to the JSP, however.)

These aren't theater-specific discussions, but they may help.
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Mary Beth Norton wrote an account of how her ubiquitous US history textbook, A People and A Nation, gets peer reviewed and edited every few years before the new edition is published. It was in the American Historical Review (I think) about 2 years ago. I'll see if I can find it at my library and give you a citation.
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Just out of curiosity, are you asking about articles that discuss publishing in the discipline of theater or are you asking about articles that compare the peer-review process to a kind of theater?
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Scholarly communication is a good search term for this.
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Response by poster: Thanks for the responses everyone! With respect to your quest Proj, I am asking for discussions of publishing within the discpline of theatre. I am also asking on behalf of someone else who is looking to publish in that discipline as it evolves in the academy.
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