I'm trying to find the title of an old PC game
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I want to say I played this game around age 12 or 13, so that would be right around 1990 or so. It was a computer game where you played a character in charge of a group of people who are sent back through time to prevent the assassination of John F. Kennedy.

It came with a pretty extensive "manual" about the major (and in some cases) minor people involved, from Salinger on down to Oswald's wife and Kennedy's secretary.
You and your teammates had to score interviews or meetings with people connected to Kennedy and/or Oswald. The strategy was to start with very minor players and work your way up (hopefully) to a meeting with Kennedy himself, to somehow keep him away from Dallas on that day.
I never did beat the game; I do remember "meeting" Oswald and it turned out to be an imposter who killed me....
I'm just curious because somehow the subject of this game came up the other night and I have Googled the hell out of it and can't come up with anything.
Help! And thanks!
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Best answer: Gaurdians of Infinity
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You can download the game here. AFAIK, it's abandonware.
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Response by poster: THANK YOU! Thank you thank you... Rock on, MeFi! :D
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There was also another pc game that dealt with guiding JFK through the election process and beyond. I used to have it back around 1990.
Would any of you know it's name?

Thank you,
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