I would like to make Google Reader jump through a few hoops ...
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A few Google Reader questions, beginning with: I have a few feeds that only of use to me at home: Mac software sites, etc. Is there any way with Google Reader to set things up so that you see (everything but feeds w, x, y, and z) in one view and (feeds w, x, y, and z) in another view? The other two behind the break.

Second question: does there exist Firefox extensions, Greasemonkey userscripts, or other mechanisms that allow you to post to either del.icio.us or WordPress directly from an item within Google Reader?

Third question: Google Reader's "Trends" idea is teh coolest, in concept. However, it's not useful to me in that when I'm interested in an item, I hit 'v' to view it in a new tab. Trends only seems to go off of starred items. Is there any existing way how Trends could be configured to study? Failing that, are there more reliable ways of getting ahold of the Reader team than Google's generic comment form?

Thanks, everyone.
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Response by poster: ... reliable ways of getting ahold of reliably sending a suggestion to ...
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You could tag some feeds "Work" and some feeds "Home", then read from the resulting folders depending on where you are.

Gordita allows del.icio.us tagging of Reader items.
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And you can have more than one "tag" per feed, too.
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