Can a person in the US with a green card bring over a family member?
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An Ethiopian friend, who has her green card, would like to bring over her sister's youngest son (I believe he is eight years old) to live with her in Washington, DC. Is this even possible and how likely is this to happen in the near future?
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Assuming that your friend's sister is alive and has custody of the child, forget it. USCIS doesn't care about nieces and nephews.
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Response by poster: Thanks, that makes sense.
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Someone i met in Ethiopia once tried to get out many many times, but he is never granted a visa to even visit. Its a shame he is a great guy and has been dedicated a more than full time position with a branch of habitat for humanity. Good Luck...
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probably only if she legally adopts the child. check with the embassy.
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Oh, I don't think it's that unlikely. You will definitely need an immigration attorney though. There are ways to show that it's important for the health/development/education/safety of the child that the government does care about, since he is a relative of an LPR. But definitely get an immigration attorney.
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Could he come over as a foreign student and attend a private school that is DHS approved?
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